This week we had our local orientation in Denver and finally got to settle in to this place we will be calling home! This weeks post will be a story told in pictures and captions because -cliche moment- a picture says a thousand words am I right? And let’s face it, everyone likes a good picture book now and then. For your enjoyment: 

 “I didn’t know DenMex was a thing” we are welcomed the first night in our new house by a giant family dinner with DOOR staff and friends.  

“I’m going to call it ColoRADbro” we had too take our first Wolfpack selfie and start a DOOR Denver Instagram page (follow door303). Quote credit to Michael 

“Nobody smiles when you run by them” – Helen and I took a morning run to Sloans Lake where you get a city view going one way and mountains going back. We were also taught that where we come from people must be friendlier runners  

 “It feels like I smoked a pack of cigarettes yesterday” – the other side of the lake and our rude awakening to running in higher altitude 

“Maybe we’ll walk that last hill” – breaking up the inclines during our bike ride for views like this   
“Mountain lions are usually only a concern for dogs or children….so Helen watch out” – our breathtaking campsite at Cottonwood Lake for our orientation retreat 

 “It’s an adventure!” – the view from our spontaneous trek up a steep hill/mini mountain by the campsite  

  “Mountain maaaaan” – Antonio took us to chop firewood and JongHan graced us with the best quote of the week 

“In the valley of the Green Glass Doors” – Antonio puzzled us with some riddles while we took all of this in    

“Hahhhh I am Korean, you are Americannn” – More riddles around the campfire and JongHan bested two group members who wish to remain anonymous   

“I think this is the best breakfast we’ve ever had on this trip” – the picture speaks for itself; we ate like kings and queens  
So so much more happened in this week that was not documented in pictures. But the intangible happening was that 5 strangers became a community. “Here’s to red ships and blue ships but the best ships are friendships” 
YAV a nice day!